4 Best Body Sculpting Procedures to Prep for Summer

Summer is here, and is your body ready? Are unwanted fat deposits interrupting your body profile? Does your skin struggle with cellulite? For centuries, diet and exercise was the only way to combat fat bulges, which didn’t always respond to those efforts. Then, medical professionals innovated surgical procedures to resolve unwelcome fat and skin folds…. Read More »

Belkyra & CoolSculpting

Say goodbye to your double chin and, hello to a youthful appearance that will have you looking in a mirror all day Most patients have a hard time with the extra fat pockets underneath their chin that make them look and feel older than they are. Unfortunately, sub-mental fat is one the most stubborn and… Read More »

CoolSculpting Procedures

Be Cool with CoolSculpting The CoolSculpting procedure is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure with more than 6 million CoolSculpting treatments were done worldwide. The CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure, developed by Harvard scientists is a FDA cleared and an innovative procedure that shapes the body by carefully and effectively freezing away undesirable fat permanently all without ever having to go… Read More »