Belkyra for Double Chin Removal in West Vancouver, BC

It ruins all your selfies and makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance when you look in the mirror. It’s your double chin, and it doesn’t have any redeeming qualities.

This pocket of fat, also called “submental fat,” is often hereditary and can make you look overweight, even when you work hard to maintain a healthy body weight. Submental fat can also be frustrating because it doesn’t respond as well to dieting or toning exercises as the fat on other areas of your body. 

Having excess fat on your chin and neck can make the contours of your jawline appear less defined, and can also add years to your appearance. If you have been hiding your unwanted double chin for years with turtlenecks and scarves, you now have a completely safe, effective, and non-surgical way to eliminate this fat for good. It’s called Belkyra®, and it’s proven to be revolutionary for people who use it.

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female before and after belkyra in west vancouver

What Is Belkyra?

Belkyra, marketed as Kybella in the United States, is the world’s first and only prescription drug that kills fat cells for effective double chin removal. 

Within your digestive tract, a naturally occurring substance called deoxycholic acid works to break down dietary fat by destroying the cell membrane. The primary ingredient in Belkyra’s unique formula is a synthetic version of this acid. After you receive a series of injections, Belkyra does its job of destroying the fat deposits under your chin. Your circulatory and lymphatic systems then break down the dissolved fat, which you will excrete as waste. The result will be a slim, defined chin and neck profile.

In addition, Belkyra effectively inhibits cells’ ability to store or accumulate fat, so you can expect to see long-lasting double chin removal results after you reach your goal appearance.

Benefits of Belkyra

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Permanent solution

Belkyra produces permanent results. You may need an initial series of four to six injections, but with those complete, fat cells in the area will not regenerate.

Trim, Youthful Appearance

Humans associate a defined jawline with youth. Further, we find that reducing fat on our patients’ chins makes their faces look slimmer overall.

Minimal Recovery

Belkyra treatment involves minimal downtime. Patients get their injections and go right back to work or any daytime activities. Swelling is a common side effect that usually lasts for a short time from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Belkyra

Since Belkyra is still relatively new as a cosmetic solution, many people understandably have questions about what makes it such an effective way to contour and define your chin, neck, and jawline. Read on for all the answers.

A range of factors – including genetics, weight fluctuation, and hormonal changes – cause submental fat to develop. The top candidates for Belkyra double chin removal have submental fat deposits that are genetic, rather than weight-related. Younger patients with better skin resiliency can also see better outcomes.

Yes! In many cases, combining the fat-freezing technology of CoolSculpting® with Belkyra injections can yield the best results in eliminating a double chin.

Currently, Belkyra has only received approval for treating a double chin, and has not had demonstrable success at eliminating fat deposits anywhere else on the body. Belkyra has shown itself to be most effective on small, localized pockets of fat, which is what makes it ideal at treating a double chin.

For patients with unwelcome pockets of fat around their chin, neck, and jawline, Belkyra is a safe and effective alternative to surgery. In contrast to liposuction, which is a somewhat invasive surgical technique, Belkyra eliminates the need for anesthesia, incisions, stitches, or possible scarring.

During the procedure, we use a small, fine needle, and most patients report only minor discomfort. If pain is a concern for you, you may ask for a topical numbing cream before treatment.

The only way to answer this question is to evaluate the amount of fatty tissue that has developed along your chin and jawline. Many people see their desired results after only two in-office sessions, whereas others may need up to three or four treatments before they realize their ideal outcomes.

Belkyra is a quick, convenient double chin removal procedure you can find a way to fit into even the busiest lifestyle. From start to finish, each session only takes about 10 minutes in our comfortable, well-appointed West Vancouver clinic.

Belkyra has passed a series of clinical trials that demonstrated an excellent track record of safety. The most common side effects include tenderness, bruising, redness, and swelling surrounding the injection site, which will eventually resolve on their own. In the meantime, you can treat them at home with ice packs and over-the-counter pain medications.

Initially, the swelling may temporarily increase the prominence of your chin. However, you should welcome the swelling as a sign that the treatment is working, because it happens as a result of Belkyra actively breaking down the fat cells.

Your body will gradually flush out the dead fat cells, which means the results of Belkyra reveal themselves over time. Once you have completed your full recommended regimen of double chin removal treatments, those fat cells will not return. There is no post-procedure maintenance to keep up with, other than committing to maintaining your healthy body weight.

The Advanced Laser Technology & Cosmetic Center is proud to be one of the leading Belkyra treatment centers in West Vancouver. Dr. Shadan Kabiri is a board-certified family physician who specializes in performing Belkyra double chin removal. 

How to Know If Belkyra Is Right for You

If you are annoyed with submental fat that makes you look older or overweight, despite you being in good physical shape, you may be a good candidate for Belkyra.

However, only you and Dr. Kabiri can determine if Belkyra injections are a great way for you to attain the slimmer and more defined chin, neck, and jawline you have always wanted, but have not succeeded in achieving on your own. Make the right move and contact our West Vancouver clinic today at 604-925-1301 for your private, personalized consultation with Dr. Kabiri.