Belkyra: All About the Fat Dissolving Chin Sculpting Treatment

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments like cosmetic neuromodulators and dermal fillers have become popular among women and men. These minimally invasive procedures can make a difference in facial appearances and self-confidence. Belkyra, also known as Kybella in the United States, is a relatively new cosmetic therapy designed to eliminate stubborn submental fat under the chin. Many people… Read More »

Eliminate Your Double Chin with Belkyra

Submental fullness under the chin is an issue with both women and men. The problem often makes us look overweight when we’re not and is not beneficial to our facial appearance. However, there is an advanced non-surgical treatment capable of eliminating fat cells beneath the chin permanently. A master in cosmetic medicine, Dr. Shadan Kabiri… Read More »

Belkyra & CoolSculpting

Say goodbye to your double chin and, hello to a youthful appearance that will have you looking in a mirror all day Most patients have a hard time with the extra fat pockets underneath their chin that make them look and feel older than they are. Unfortunately, sub-mental fat is one the most stubborn and… Read More »