Belkyra & CoolSculpting

Say goodbye to your double chin and, hello to a youthful appearance that will have you looking in a mirror all day

Most patients have a hard time with the extra fat pockets underneath their chin that make them look and feel older than they are.

Unfortunately, sub-mental fat is one the most stubborn and difficult to eliminate permanently. Genetics plays a significant role in sub-mental volume and frankly there just aren’t any effective exercises one can do to specifically target the area under the chin.

belkyre and coolsculpting male before and after

Double Chin – Before & After

belkyra and coolsculpting before and after

In order to eliminate fat, we offer two non-invasive treatments:

CoolSculpting combined with Belkyra injection can produce beautiful results and permanently reduce the unwanted fat under the chin and contour your neck and jawline.

CoolSculpting is non-invasive treatment with little to no down time.

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This technology uses Cryolipolysis (controlled cooling) to freeze and permanently destroy up to 24% of fat cells in numerous parts of the body. During the double chin treatment, the CoolMini Applicator, which is specifically designed to target and eliminate fat under the chin, administers a very cold temperatures to the area being treated.

Patients usually required 2 sessions of the 45-minute treatment six weeks apart. Patients can begin to notice a reduction in the double chin as promptly as 4 weeks, but full results can be anticipated 3 months after the second treatment.

Belkyra, non-surgical procedure for a double chin.

Belkyra injections are another non-surgical option, containing Deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that is highly effective in breaking down fats cells, resulting in the reduction of the appearance of upper neck fat, or “double chin”. It is the first and only injectable method approved by the FDA that destroys fat cells permanently. Belkyra often requires two or more injections, which only require a short in-office appointment, scheduled six to eight weeks apart. Patients can anticipate mild symptoms such as bruising of the injection site, as well as swelling.

The combination of CoolSculpting with Belkyra injections yield the best results in the treatment of double chin. There needs to be sufficient amount of fat to fit in the CooSculpting applicator so we typically recommend starting with that treatment. Once peak results are achieved through CoolSculpting (in 2-3 months), we incorporate Belkyra injections to target any remaining subcutaneous fat in the area (if necessary). However, CoolSculpting may produce the desired results, eliminating the need for subsequent Belkyra injection(s).  

Loose skin is often a concern that patients have when requesting treatment for a double chin. Fortunately, the CoolSculpting® treatment is the first and only non-surgical fat reduction technology to be FDA-cleared for improved appearance of lax tissue in conjunction with sub-mental fat.

Love the skin you’re in with our non-invasive treatments to reduce the unwanted fat under your chin and contour your neck and jawline.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment with our experts to ensure proper and customized recommendations that are best suited for you!