Why January is the Busiest Month of the Year for Cosmetic Treatments

The West Vancouver Advanced Laser Technology & Cosmetic Center welcomes a fresh new year and new faces. January is an exceptionally bustling month for cosmetic clinics around the country as people often prefer to step into new challenges and goals feeling revitalized. For many, physical improvements to their appearance and health are essential New Year’s resolutions.

We think this is a fantastic time to schedule your cosmetic treatments for a few reasons we’ll outline below.

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New Years’ Resolutions Include Cosmetic Improvements

It’s common to begin a new calendar year with a makeover mentality. Juice fasts, exercise, and various diet changes are trending, and some may even be looking forward to adding spring or vacation pieces to their wardrobe. There’s no doubt that how you look affects confidence and a positive outlook. That’s why making improvements to your skin, body contours, or problem areas can significantly impact your mindset as you start the year.

After a particularly stressful and unusual 12 months, we’re seeing record numbers of men and women who want to do something for themselves this January and “hit the reset button” in a way they can see. Aesthetic enhancements give you a visual result you can measure and celebrate, and in turn, can help motivate other positive changes too!

Refresh Your Dull Winter Skin

Cold, dry air and hiding out indoors will cause complexion changes many people don’t want. They see more dry skin build-up, decreased circulation and pale skin. When we’re not hydrated and regularly turning over new cells, the skin’s surface can appear more aged rather quickly. After a holiday season of indulging in sweets and alcohol, you might also see congested pores and breakouts you’d like to banish.

January is the right time to book a chemical peel,  microdermabrasion facial, or other medspa procedure. These specialized treatments will gently remove dead skin, clear out your pores and let your epidermis absorb topical moisturizers and nutrient serums. Deep cleaning and exfoliation make sense with each change of season, especially in the heart of Winter. Also, be sure to start the new year by leveling up your skin care products—your skin will thank you later.

Hide Out While Recovering

Most of us are hiding out at home more often these days, whether we want to or not. The silver lining to staying in and wearing warm layers when you’re out is that any skin redness, swelling, and bruising can be neatly camouflaged so that no one catches on.

January is the perfect month to schedule intensive facial refreshers like laser treatments and deep chemical peels. If you have some time off or can work at home, why not consider booking your bucket list cosmetic procedure or injectable treatment so you can relax and watch your results reveal themselves in private?

Check Cosmetic Resolutions Off Your List

You know that the longer you wait to act on that new workout, diet, or habit change, the less likely it is to be accomplished.  If you’re planning cosmetic surgery or dramatic improvement to your skin and features, act while the motivation is strong so you can step into the new year with a sense of accomplishment. You’ll set the tone for a strong, confident, and beautiful new chapter.

Ready to Start the New Year Off Right?

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