7 ways your skincare can help you look more awake

In the depths of Winter, The West Vancouver Advanced Laser Technology & Cosmetic Center helps men and women get their skin glowing for Spring.

One of the most common complaints we hear from cosmetic clients is that they appear tired, weary, and aged at this point in the year. The skin has lost its lustre and may be suffering from dryness, breakouts, or fine lines. If you’ve been running on minimal sleep, not drinking enough water, and perhaps indulging in sweets or alcohol more often than usual, your complexion might show it.

Lack of sleep creates dark circles or bags under the eyes. Water retention from salty foods will also cause puffy eyes and give you a worn-out vibe.

No matter how much you need rest and relaxation, you can look awake and vibrant starting today! We specialize in anti-ageing, rejuvenating skincare and cosmetic treatments. Learn 7 ways Dr. Kabiri’s patients revive youthful, healthy, and naturally vibrant skin.

1. Sleeping Beauty Was on to Something

While you may not consider rest to be skincare, your body does. Not only do your cells get a chance to heal and regenerate while you sleep, but a lack of adequate rest will show up on the face causing laxity, sagging, and tired-looking eyes. Consider care for your skin and overall health through proper rest to be the first step in your skincare regime.

2. Reset Your Complexion With A Chemical Peel

Chemical peel facials have been a staple in skin care for decades. The beautiful thing about this liquid exfoliation method is that there are formulas and appropriate strengths for every patient and every occasion.

Chemical peels gently remove dull surface layers which reduces skin issues like fine lines, uneven pigment and enlarged pores.

3. Cure For Skin Congestion

Acne facials can clear out congested, breakout-prone skin for smaller pores, even skin tone, and a fresh appearance. During your facial, the esthetician will extract dirt and oil from your pores, then apply an intensive oil free moisturizer to nourish and rehydrate without leaving an oily residue.

A series of acne facials can help clear away winter dullness and allow you to go makeup-free with a smooth clear complexion.

4. Restore Healthy-Looking Volume

Dehydration, fat loss and age set in some time in our 30s. Many people find that hollows under the eyes and flatter cheeks materialize in midlife.

Dermal fillers are available ranging from soft and pliable to cohesive and firm for powerful lifting. The result can be facial recontouring and smoothing that lasts 9-12 months.

5. Under-Eye Cosmetic Treatments

Dermal filler placed under the eyes is referred to as tear trough filler. For many people who are troubled by dark circles under the eyes, their issue stems from fat loss and skin laxity creating a shadowed 3D effect. Filling in the delicate under-eye hollows where the lid meets the cheek creates a smooth transition, banishing dark hollows. Few treatments can so instantly resolve a tired appearance.

Further intervention for aged, tired eyes may include blepharoplasty. Eyelid surgery for the upper or lower lids removes a small amount of skin and sometimes fat. This reduces eyelid hooding along with protruding undereye bags. Let your cosmetic specialist assess you for personalized recommendations.

6. Eye Creams

Because the skin around your eyes is the thinnest, it reveals stress, wear and tear, and a lack of sleep. Dr. Kabiri carries the industry’s leading medical-grade skincare products, including Vivier Pharma, Skin Medica, Neocutis, GMC Medical and Alyria. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide trust these brands for carefully selected formulas that go to work repairing and preventing skin damage.

Ask about products containing naturally hydrating hyaluronic acid, retinol, restructuring peptides, skin brightening minerals and tone-reviving vitamin C.

7. DIY Tricks At Home

Sometimes skincare is simple yet beautifully effective. While you’re sleeping, there’s an easy way to reduce eyelid and facial puffiness. If you’ve been waking up to facial swelling, try elevating your upper bed legs on a few books, or lifting the head of the mattress slightly. Gravity affects fluid retention, and you may find this reduces the amount of fluid that stays in your face upon waking.

Another fast, inexpensive under-eye depuffer is cold cucumber slices placed over the eyes for a few minutes at a time. The cool temps shrink capillaries and cucumbers naturally contain skin-friendly silica.

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