What Should I Know About Removing Unwanted Body Hair?

Unwanted body hair is a common problem that affects about forty percent of all women.

There are various methods to combat the problem. Most are available on the shelves of your local pharmacy. Then, there are the traditional processes of daily plucking or expensive waxing.

Horrified? Don’t be. Dr. Shadan Kabiri in West Vancouver offers advanced laser technology for her patients to target unwanted hair cells and destroy them without affecting surrounding skin tissue.

Why Do I Have Facial Hair?

The reason is simple. Everyone does—with most women, it’s exceedingly fine hair and not noticeable. However, some have naturally dark, thicker hair on their chin or upper lip. Certain medications and medical conditions can also cause noticeable facial hair to grow. And the problem could be hereditary.

If you feel that facial hair is a problem for you, we can find the best and longest-lasting solution, which will be administered by a physician with extensive experience in cosmetic medicine.

How Do I Get Rid of Facial Hair?

As mentioned earlier, many ways exist to treat unwanted facial hair, including unpleasant waxing, shaving, and plucking. However, none of these are as effective or long-lasting as more high-end technologies.

Electrolysis is a permanent method to remove hair, albeit extremely expensive. A physician inserts a thin metal probe in the hair follicles where an electric current is applied. Multiple sessions may be necessary to make sure the hair is gone for good.

However, there is one method that is virtually painless, convenient, and cost-effective. The Vectus Laser Hair Removal system removes unwanted hair on the face, underarms, legs, and bikini lines.

Advantages of Vectus Laser Technology

Women love this treatment for its fast and convenient treatment sessions, zero recovery or downtime, and outstanding, long-term results. The most prestigious physicians and clinics worldwide use it to deliver practical, painless treatments quickly and affordably.

How Does Vectus Work?

The secret of Vectus lies in its advanced technology. The FDA-cleared treatment delivers a Diode Laser beam with an 800 nm wavelength. It features the most uniform beam profile and the most prominent spot size available, allowing Dr. Kabiri to treat the severe hair growths in less than five minutes.

It also employs an Advanced Contact Cooling system to protect the skin surface and keep you comfortable throughout the session. And a Skintel Melanin Reader to help Dr. Kabiri offer safe, optimized hair removal tailored to each patient’s skin type.

How Do I Get Started?

Vectus Laser works with various skin types on different body areas, but is it the most suitable treatment for you? To find out, talk with a physician with twenty years of international experience in cosmetic medicine. Dr. Shadan Kabiri performs laser hair removal and other cosmetic treatments to patients in West Vancouver. She will be happy to answer any questions and explain in detail her treatment plan.

To book your free consultation, contact our office today!