Refresh Your Spring Skincare Routine with These Tips!

Ahh, finally, spring is here, and it’s time to get out and play!  Maybe you’re feeling so ready that you’ve updated your wardrobe and even made outdoor plans. But have you thought about your skin?

Unfortunately, spring’s sunshine, warmth, and humidity may present you with new challenges. Why not greet the next few months with a revitalized glow? To keep your skin safe, healthy, and looking its best, here are some ways to prepare it for the season:

Experience Exfoliation

The drier, enclosed air of Winter can take its toll on your skin. Heated air is drier air, and that can cause your skin to wrinkle and crack. Just as you’ll be shedding your heavier clothing, your skin may benefit from shedding a layer as well.

The good news is that a more youthful, rejuvenated layer is waiting patiently underneath. Consider using either at-home products to remove dead skin or a more robust procedure like a chemical peel to do the job. Either way, afterward, your skin will be more receptive to nutrients and other skincare products.

Speak Loudly With SPF

While you may want to welcome the skin with open arms, make sure your skin is protected. In our rush to get out in the sun, it’s easy to forget our sunscreen. You risk cutting your spring fun short with a burn or, worse, skin cancer.

To make your strongest spring beauty statement, consider using SPF 30+ sunscreen on any exposed areas. Also, don’t forget that your clothing can serve the same purpose. Either way, it’s ok to love the sun—just make sure to love your skin more.

Repair or Remove Damaged Skin

As we age, inevitably, the sun can damage our skin, even when we’re taking good care. To look your best in the spring, consider fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing. Today, it’s used to handle anything from sun damage to fine lines and more. This procedure allowed you to remove the sun’s damage and start the spring with a clean slate.

Get Active and Fit

Sure, it’s excellent health advice in general, but especially for your skin. As your body’s largest organ, your skin needs the added blood flow that exercise provides. In addition, sweating cleans out your pores of oil and dirt. Who doesn’t want that?

As Always, Moisturize

Don’t forget. Your skin bears the world’s elements 24/7. To give it a break, always remember to moisturize. Not only does it make your skin look and feel better, but it also helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming. Consider using your favorite moisturizer and other skincare products before bed to lessen signs of fatigue and preserve your skin’s glow.

Your Best Spring Skin

Just as the flowers of spring require the proper nutrition and care, so does your skin. This year, why not give it the best possible chance to thrive? For a free consultation about the treatments or procedures that can aid your spring skin rejuvenation, contact Dr. Shadan Kabiri‘s office.