Plump up That Upper Lip for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, are you ready to spice up your smile? Full, sensual lips are in vogue these days — among everyone from starlets to soccer moms.

While you can accentuate your lips with makeup, a dramatic matte red or shimmering pink can only go so far if Mother Nature didn’t bless you with the perfect pout or the signs of aging have reduced your lips to a flat line. Dr. Shadan Kabiri has the solution to make your mouth more kissable this Valentine’s Day.

Dr. Kabiri has made patient care and satisfaction her primary priorities. Her mission includes treatments to help her patients look and feel beautiful. After a personalized consultation, she will tailor a treatment to target your aesthetic goals and cosmetic concerns.

What Are Some Options?

Full, sensual lips are in vogue, from Taylor Swift’s Cupid’s bow or Angelina Jolie’s signature puffy pout, You can explore Dr. Kabiri’s convenient filler options like hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers — including Juvéderm, Stylage, and Belotero — to restore lip borders and lip volume and smooth away vertical lip lines.

Another benefit to using dermal fillers to plump up lips is they are a quick, convenient in-office procedure with no downtime. You’ll be in and out in minutes, ready for the most romantic night of your life.

What You Can Expect From Lip Enhancement

Before administering lip injections, Dr. Kabiri will discuss your expectations and create an individualized plan to meet your goals. Then, she will use a thin, fine needle to administer the filler in strategic areas around your lips. A topical anesthetic is available to help diminish discomfort for an enjoyable experience.

Lip Augmentation in Vancouver

Dr. Shadan Kabiri has spent 20 years offering the most effective cosmetic and laser treatments across the globe. Her artistic precision has established her as a skilled clinician in facial rejuvenation. Nothing excites her like creating beauty for her patients and seeing the positive effects with their elevated confidence and self-esteem.

As an experienced family physician,  she has earned her board certification from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Canada’s College of Family Physicians. Before relocating to Canada, Dr. Kabiri worked as a board-certified dermatologist for more than four years. She updates her knowledge and skill by attending conferences, workshops, and consulting with colleagues. She uses only the most advanced and proven technologies, offering her patients cosmetic health care once only available to celebrities.

Get Your Picture-Perfect Pout Today!

Dr. Kabiri has assembled a dedicated group of medical professionals who share her passion for aesthetics with safe and effective health care. They have created a warm and stress-free environment to make your experience more enjoyable.

Contact us at (604) 925-1301 to schedule an in-office treatment or set up a consultation with Dr. Kabiri. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!