5 Things about Dr. Kabiri

Dr. Shadan Kabiri, MD, CCFP, is well known for leading one of the premier cosmetic and skin care centres in the West Vancouver area. At her state of the art facility, the Advanced Laser Technology & Cosmetic Center, she offers many top-notch cosmetic services, including but not limited to non-surgical face and neck lifts, cosmetic injections and fillers, and many other specialized procedures.


There are, however, a few things you probably didn’t know about her:


  • Kabiri’s favorite restaurant in Vancouver is a Coffee shop named Café Crema, located in Ambleside/West Vancouver. She calls it “a lovely place that you can stop by after hitting the Sea Walk. The atmosphere is very similar to European cafes, with nice coffees, pastries, and sandwiches.” You may see Dr. Kabiri at her favorite spot!


  • Kabiri’s hobbies include reading, writing poetry, watching movies, and riding her bicycle. She loves to ride her bike on sunny days in Vancouver. She says that riding “relieves my stress, gives me a feeling of wellbeing and programs my mind. It is like meditation for me.”


  • Kabiri believes that one of the most common misconceptions about skincare is that it can be solved by using topical creams for a few months, or by completing a few sessions of laser treatments. Reaching and maintaining your skincare goals, according to Dr. Kabiri, requires consistency, regardless of the procedure.


  • Kabiri loves the show “FRIENDS” and rewatches it over and over. She enjoys watching the different characters, especially because of their unique personalities and sense of humor. She says, though, that “It’s not just about the characters, but also the enormous feelings and relationships” that the show explores. Dr. Kabiri almost always cheers up when she watches her favorite show.


  • Kabiri is fascinated by skin and body aging. She believes that youth and beauty have a significant role in how society views an individual. Youth, she says, opens many doors that “may not otherwise be opened,” and “makes life easier overall.” For this reason, she says, it is no surprise that there are billions and billions of dollars spent searching for anti-aging treatments. “I believe the cosmetic industry, from injectables and lasers to plastic surgery, is absolutely amazing because of this.”

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