10 Things to Know About Permanent Hair Reduction

If you’re tired of shaving, know that there is an alternative: laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a surgery-free way to get rid of unwanted hair. You’ll avoid razor burn, and you’ll save time by no longer needing to tend to your body hair.

If you’re local to West Vancouver, Canada, contact skilled facial rejuvenation expert Dr. Kabiri for laser hair removal with state-of-the-art technologies. Our team uses one of the fastest lasers available and will do everything they can to provide you with outstanding results.

To give you a better idea of the procedure, here are ten things to know about permanent hair removal.

1. Treatments Will Vary

It takes between 4 to 8 treatments to see results. Depending on where your hair follicle’s growth cycles fall, your number of treatments may vary. Many people decide to pursue upkeep treatments a few times per year.

2. Best with Dark Hair

The lasers are designed to treat the pigment residing within the hair follicles. Darker hair is easier to spot by lasers, making it more effective for darker hair. Your skin color will influence which laser is used for the best results.

3. The Pain Tolerance

The heat sent out in the laser is intended to damage the follicle. Many lasers include a cooling effect that allows the body to rest after quick bursts of heat. If you do experience any discomfort, it will be mild.

4. Some Side Effects

Although short-lived, there are some side effects associated with laser hair removal. You might notice redness or irritation. These will dissipate shortly. Adding cool compresses to treated areas can help relieve discomfort.

5. The Sun’s Role

When getting laser treatments, you need to stay clear of sunbathing and tanning. Your skin is vulnerable to treatments, and you don’t’ want to be at a greater risk for pigment discoloration. Try to get your laser hair removal sessions done in the colder months with less sunlight or prepare to keep yourself covered in the summer.

6. It’s A Fast Process

Treatments take between fifteen minutes to an hour. The size and location of the areas being treated dictate the extra time spent. You’re able to return to your day without recovery.

7. The Costs Vary

You may find treatment packages that tailor particular parts of the body. Larger areas cost more than smaller areas, and where you live will also influence the average costs per session.

8. Factor in Your Medications

Laser exposure is potentially problematic for those taking restricted medications. Review your medications with your provider before starting your treatment.

9. Shave, Don’t Wax

You are advised to shave before your appointment. The laser needs to find hair follicles to treat unwanted hair growth. Waxing minimizes the appearance of follicles, making it harder for the laser.

10. Know Your Laser

Different lasers are more or less effective for darker and lighter skin types and hair colors. Ask about the laser being used for your treatment to ensure it’s the best choice.

If you’re ready to stop unwanted hair in its tracks, get in touch with Dr. Kabiri and her team. Call (604) 925-1301 to schedule a consultation and get started!