CoolAdvantage Petite™

CoolAdvantage Petite™ Applicator is Only Non-Invasive Fat Removal Technology FDA-Cleared to Treat Upper Arms

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A Submental Contouring Injectable Drug…

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Tattoo and Pigmented Lesions

At this time, one in five adults have at least one tattoo. That’s 45 million people in the US alone. Did you know one in five of these people regret their tattoo? PicoClear launches a great time for these patients. Now, technology provides a solution that’s worth the effort.

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The unique CoolSculpting procedure was developed by Harvard scientists and is based on the proprietary science of Cryolipolysis®, demonstrating that when fat cells selectively are exposed to extreme cold, they die and are eliminated naturally from the body, they are gone for good, and patients can expect long-lasting results. The CoolSculpting procedure is cleared by the FDA to breakdown the fat of the submental …

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Venus Legacy – A Revolution in Medical

Using patented (MP)² technology, Venus Legacy utilizes multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic fields which produce a soothing and therapeutic heat matrix over the skin. The Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency delivers Fast, Pain Free, Homogeneous Heating to multiple tissue depths resulting in superior clinical outcomes Skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction occur because …

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